Ben Nevis covered in snow
After a long and cold walk my Westhighland Way ended here in Glenn Nevis with a splendid view of Ben Nevis covered in clouds and snow!

The Westhighland Way runs for 95 m (152 km) from Milngavie northwards to Fort William, from the outskirts of Scotland's largest city to the foot of its highest mountain -Ben Nevis (4406 ft, 1322 m)- along the shores of its largest loch -Loch Lomond- and across its grandest moor, Rannoch Moor. The West Highland Way is, however, much more than a linking of these topographic superlatives: it is a magnificent walk of very varied character through some of the finest scenery of lowland and highland, mountain and loch, woodland and moorland that Scotland has to show. It provides walking which is in part pleasant and relaxing, in parts strenuous and rough, in parts remote and exposed to the risk of wild weather. It is a fine introduction to Scotland!

The text is an abstract from the official guide, and adapted after my and others experiences. The official guide: The Westhighland Way by Robert Aitken, published by the HMSO, Countryside Commision for Scotland, 1990 (3th edition), is a beautiful booklet and contains a very useful special OS map 1:50000. It contains all necessary information and background information about landscape and history. However, for backpackers the complete guide might be too beautiful/heavy/tedious to stuff away in a backpack. The map will do!

the walk

I split the description of the walk into 3 main parts each on its own page. On these pages the walk is further divided into stages. Each stage can be covered in one day by a walker of average ability and the suggested overnight stops have been chosen for availability of shops, B&B accommodation or campsites. It is always possible to alter the stages to suit individual requirements. No information about B&B accommodation is given, contact the Tourist Information along the route. For the lazy complete arrangements including transportation of luggage can be booked. I prefer my backpack, a tent and the freedom to pitch it down anywhere I like! Enjoy the Westhighland Way.

other sites

More Information on the Westhighland Way can be found by following the links listed on the Scotland walks page.


Large stretches of the Westhighland Way are in mountainous terrain or through remote (highland) moors therefore before setting off get yourself acquainted with the
safety and clothing aspects of long distance walking. Also, remember that the weather can change very, very quickly. Know the weather forecast! If you're not sure about your own, or your walking companion's capabilities stick to the main route, you're supposed to do this for fun. The paths you will follow are mostly on land owned by someone else and you should know how to behave, thus know the country code!