I divided Great Britain into six regions, see the image above. These regions are chosen based on the number of long distance walks and the location of the starting point. The regions therefore differ somewhat from the ones normally used. For example, the Pennine Way is listed under Middle England, Edale the starting point lies inside the Peak National Park in Middle England! Using the menu on the right hand side of this page opens a new page for the region.

On these pages the long distance walks are listed in alphabetical order. Most of the common long distance walks are listed, therefore, the list never complete! On the pages you will find a short description of the walks and links to other pages or sites which contain information about the specific walk, personal stories, pictures, and travel or accomodation related information. On the page also a map of the region can be found showing the approximate route of the walk. At the bottom of each page more general sites concerning walks in the region are listed.