Orphanaged shoes
Orphanaged shoes at a beach along the Dorset coast.

These pages on log distance walking in Britain started in 1996 with a number of links on the Utrecht University server. They experienced a period of neglegt and electronic dust gathering between 2003 and 2006. But also generated in its more popular days in excess of 15,000 hits a year (2000-2002). So for all the fans of this site I have dusted up the pages, refreshed the links and revamped the entire site. Enjoy your stay and,

Nice walkabouts!

So why a website about footpaths in the the British Isles? I don't know, I guess I fell in love with the landscape, the mountains, the people ... the pubs! Maybe because there is a long tradition in walking, making almost all the beautiful scenery accessible. Maybe because there isn't a mountain in Britain which isn't "walkable", often there is a route to the summit which can be tackled by straightforward walking. Maybe it is the countryside itself, there are more variations of green, gray, blue and white on the British Isles then anywhere else. Or so it seems.

So on these pages you will find information about walking, and on long distance footpaths in particular, in Britain. Along with a short descriptions of footpaths I will provide links to pages where more information, own experiences and photographs can be found. Some sites might contain information about transport and accommodation. This site does not contain any information about transport to and from the walk or accommodation along the route. This is one of the fun things to find out yourself when you are planning your walk. You can drop me a line if you think I can help, but I can and will not help you find a hotel!

Use the menu on the right hand side of the screen for navigaton within the Walking section of the site. Pages will open in the same window. Links to other sites will open in a new tab of the browser, full size.

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